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Lynn Elston

Started RC in 1973. Age 21. First rc plane I built was a Top Flite P51. Thought I could learn to fly on a P51. I got it built,  but finally decided to try something easier. A year later I flew the P51. I flew it several years with no problems. Everyone taught themselves then as we all crashed equally well or bad. Started flying scale and pattern competition in 1978, including the AMA Nationals and Scalemasters. Became a Contest Director in 1979 and managed the Scalemasters Qualifier at Marion Airport for 12 years. Flew my first ducted fan in 1984, turbine in 2005. Owned and operated a RC hobby shop 1984-2002. Moved to my current home I built in 2001 with 2 rc runways. Retired from my first job in 2002. Retired from my second job in 2013. Have built hundreds of rc planes mostly scale models. Also licensed Private Pilot in 1982 single engine land. Got to ride in a B17 at Osh Kosh in 1981. The challenge is what keeps my interest. 


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