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    We here at Rend Lake RC Club take great pride in helping promote and teaching those who want to get into the RC Hobby!  Our Intro Pilot Instructors together have a 153 years of combined flight experience, therefore making sure you get the best in RC training.


Intro Pilot Instructor
Phil Bean
Intro Pilot Instructor
Mark Harper
Training Fleet 


Looking to get into the RC Hobby?  Do you already have a plane?  No Plane?  Whether your just needing some flight assistance or full on training,  we have Intro Pilot Instucors who can help.  We also have a high-wing trainer if you don't have a plane.  Simply fill out the contact form below and describe your situation so we know where your at and someone will be in contact with you!   It' that easy! 

Intro Pilot Instructor
Bob Trober

Intro Pilot Instructor
Sam Hart

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