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Come Fly With Us   AMA Club 240

Whether you're interested in becoming an RC Pilot, or just curious about the hobby, come out and visit us!  You can now message us on the Become a Pilot page and we will answer.  Come back regularly to check us out. You can  also contact the club at

Rend Lake RC Club

The Rend Lake RC Club is dedicated to the hobby of flying radio controlled model aircraft. Our main goals are to promote the hobby, help newcomers, fly safely, and most important, have fun.  Our flying field is located is at Rend Lake College See map below right.


To promote the hobby, we sponsor several events each year. For example, in May or June, we have a Public Flying Day where the general public is invited to fly an RC aircraft with an experienced instructor.


In the Fall, usually in August or September, we have a scale / military fly-in,  military aircraft in all eras are welcome.


We encourage everyone that may be interested in this fine hobby, whether your a newcomer, beginner, or a seasoned pilot, to come on out and visit our flying site and watch others fly their planes or just ask questions you may have.  We strive for a relaxed and friendly atmosphere at our flying field. If you are a Beginner and have a plane, bring it out, one of our instructors is most likely to be at the field on Sunday afternoons, and willing to look your plane over and help you get started in flying RC. The club has several trainer type air planes they will instruct you on  to help you see if you might like this hobby.


During the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons, usually we fly at Rend Lake Collage on any day of the week. Thursdays and Sundays  are usual days, but you may find someone there any day if the weather is agreeable.

Coming up.  We will have a Swap Shop on March 26th from 9 till 1 at the Roland Lewis building in the Mt. Vernon Veterans Park  On South 27th street.


Click on this link to see a video of the 2021 Military Fly In

         Best of show TBM Avenger 2022

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